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Words Of Power

I think I might have mentioned before that I walk an ‘alternative’ spiritual path through the world and as such that informs the way I think and feel about some things. Less these days as I have been a bit … Continue reading

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What would a world without touch look like? Do we become ‘less’ for expressions of human warmth and connection? Continue reading

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The Circle of Life vs Art

Do You Believe In Coincidence? I’m not even sure that coincidence is the right word really.  I’ve always been someone that doesn’t believe in ‘predestination.’ It undermines the notion of free will, and that’s a pretty big ‘black mark’ on … Continue reading

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Blurred Lines

Yesterday, I was reading an extensive storyline for later in the Use’ara series – and yes I have a plan for multiple ‘episodes’ in the series – and this particular story was concerning the Raeo Magisters, and their Daema, (the … Continue reading

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At the Dawning and Ending of the Day

You would think that reconnecting with your spiritual core would be an easy thing to do, right? It has proven to be not so simple. You hear about ‘lapsed Catholics,’ but rarely have I heard Pagans and Wiccans refer to … Continue reading

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Memory and Accomplishment

I’m not suggesting there is necessarily a link between these two things, though for me, I think if I started remembering more than I seem to be able to these days, I’d feel accomplished in some way.  This is just … Continue reading

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Does Fandom Mirror Society?

Well, it seems that no one took me up on my AMA last week.  No one had any burning questions or even little curiosities that they wanted satisfied, so… that leave me with a bit of a conundrum as to … Continue reading

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