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Does Fandom Mirror Society?

Well, it seems that no one took me up on my AMA last week.  No one had any burning questions or even little curiosities that they wanted satisfied, so… that leave me with a bit of a conundrum as to … Continue reading

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The Terrifying Nature of the Blank Page

So, in an attempt to be a little more active on the blog here, I set myself a goal to post something at least 3 times a week… arbitrarily on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  It being Friday, here I sit … Continue reading

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A Month Late and Several Dollars Short

Happy New Year everyone!  Yes, I know we’re a month in already, but I was a tiny bit busy at the beginning of the year. So, let’s see about bringing the blog up to speed… Star Trek the Cruise III … Continue reading

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Throwing Down a Gauntlet

For those of you following along, those of you that love to write as well as to read, I’m issuing a friendly challenge.  Come and join us over at The Writer’s Block.  There, you’ll find a ‘first line’ prompt each … Continue reading

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Whether You Hold Them In Your Arms Or In Your Hearts… Blessed Be

I have debated all. Day. Long as to whether I should write and post this journal entry, and even as I’m typing this, I’m still – somewhere in the back of my mind – second guessing myself, and why? This … Continue reading

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“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”

(Quotation – Charles Darwin) Change is good, right? One of the big cliches in life is that embracing the unknown is a frightening thing. It’s probably a cliche because actually it’s very true. That is after all one of the … Continue reading

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Superstitions and Possibilities

One thing I don’t think I’ve heard so far in connection with the new year, is the connection with the number thirteen – a number about which many people hold a variety of superstitions. Some believe it is good, others … Continue reading

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