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First Thirsty Thursday

It seems sensible to go back to the very beginning when considering what kindled the ‘thirst’ in me, for spirit, for life; what started me on my current creative journey, especially in respect of Butterfly Raven. At the age of … Continue reading

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What would a world without touch look like? Do we become ‘less’ for expressions of human warmth and connection? Continue reading

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At the Dawning and Ending of the Day

You would think that reconnecting with your spiritual core would be an easy thing to do, right? It has proven to be not so simple. You hear about ‘lapsed Catholics,’ but rarely have I heard Pagans and Wiccans refer to … Continue reading

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Memory and Accomplishment

I’m not suggesting there is necessarily a link between these two things, though for me, I think if I started remembering more than I seem to be able to these days, I’d feel accomplished in some way.  This is just … Continue reading

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Whether You Hold Them In Your Arms Or In Your Hearts… Blessed Be

I have debated all. Day. Long as to whether I should write and post this journal entry, and even as I’m typing this, I’m still – somewhere in the back of my mind – second guessing myself, and why? This … Continue reading

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“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” On Resisting Negativity.

I’ve always maintained, and probably will until the day I die, that allowing ourselves to remain in a negative frame of mind is a choice. Sadly it’s a choice from which many – myself included, I am in no way … Continue reading

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