Butterfly Raven


Ethne Cross has retreated to her own secluded sanctuary from the world following a series of event that almost broke her, but her peace is shattered when the brother of the man she loves beyond all reason tracks her down and asks for her help.

Though she tries to refuse, she is soon dragged back into the terrifying journey she had escaped, thrust back into the life of the one who had left her behind – painfully so – and must fight not only for her own life, and for his, but to save humanity from the machinations of an insane cult that seeks to unleash the unholy power of a race of fallen angelic beings upon the world, and all is not as straightforward – as black and white – as it seems.

Butterfly Raven spans continents and millennia in the telling of a quest to find the truth, and set to rights the life path of twin souls, conceived in death.