Awakening: Life After



“A warning, Great One,” Lightening hissed, “Others are coming, and they do not hold with the keeping of the two-legged ones. They will take them from you, and all will be destroyed.”

They will ultimately fail. King’s mind-voice was patient, yet held the same sadness as he had felt from his boy, as Lightning had spoken of the long-past. We cannot save this world by fighting for it, only by living in it, man and beast together; the savage and the civilized.

Jamie and Asha wake one morning to find everything changed – everything is gone, including their parents and siblings, and much of their home town is in ruins as if some terrible catastrophe has befallen while they were sleeping.

As they stumble through their first day of ‘life after’ the disaster, they slowly begin to find others who might help them to understand what has happened and what their role might be in helping to set everything right

Join Asha and Jamie, and their unusual friends: the lion, King and the gorilla, Silverback and many others as they battle the out-of-control elemental forces in order to win back their world – OUR world – and rescue humanity from the brink of extinction!

In today’s world, their struggles are never more pertinent, never more urgent as we fight day by day to ensure the realities of Climate Change are recognized and the dangers respected.