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Writer and Teacher. Published works: Eternal Dance (as Linden S Barclay) and articles for Wigston Magna Dog Training Club, and SFX Magazine.

Inner Landscapes

The second of two ‘not-quite-excerpts’ from Butterfly Raven written in response to the monthly prompt over at The Writer’s Block. This one lets us take just a little peek into Ethne’s inner landscape. It was posted in response to the … Continue reading

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Throwing Down a Gauntlet

For those of you following along, those of you that love to write as well as to read, I’m issuing a friendly challenge.  Come and join us over at The Writer’s Block.  There, you’ll find a ‘first line’ prompt each … Continue reading

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Meet Amasiah Denzyl

This is not exactly an excerpt, per se, rather it is a short vignette written in response to the monthly ‘first line’ prompt over at The Writer’s Block, and a way to tease, and introduce Amasiah Denzyl – the major antagonist from Butterfly Raven. Enjoy. Continue reading

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Resource For Writers

On my travels today, I came across a site that posts monthly prompts as starting points for pieces of writing.  They accept all genres of writing, including fan fiction, and invite writers to post either the work, or a link … Continue reading

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Whether You Hold Them In Your Arms Or In Your Hearts… Blessed Be

I have debated all. Day. Long as to whether I should write and post this journal entry, and even as I’m typing this, I’m still – somewhere in the back of my mind – second guessing myself, and why? This … Continue reading

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‘Once’ Chicago, Fandoms, Conventions, and Star Trek.

Thoughts after attending my first Once Upon a Time Convention after many many years of Creation’s Trek conventions. Continue reading

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A Big To Do… and Other Moments of Helpful Procrastination.

Why lists aren’t the demons I thought they would be. Continue reading

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