Eirian has technically been writing in one form or another since the age of ten. She first cut her teeth on an old British Sci-Fi show. Since then she’s written semi-professionally for several Alternative Spirituality publications and fan magazines. She also writes a good deal in connection with her work as a teacher. Her first loves, however, in terms of writing have always been Science Fiction and Fantasy, especially Tolkien

As one half of a bi-national couple, she once divided her time between her home in England and spending time with her spouse in the USA, now however, the two are happily united in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She writes whenever she gets the chance while looking after the family, which consists of two dogs, a cat, six rats, two fish (who now live in a large tank in the classroom)… oh, and the spouse too!

As well as maintaining an active presence in the Tolkien fandom, as well as other fandoms, she currently has a number of original projects under development, writes short stories, and maintains her blogs.

Please visit her page on Patreon where she recently became a creator.

Please feel free to contact her via the contact page, or visit her personal website at eirianhoupe.com




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