Combining Thirsty Thursday and Fiction Friday.

As I promised last Friday, this week I’ll give a brief rundown of the current Fanfiction works in progress, and there are a few of them.

Stargate: Universe:
Given No Choice.
Rush is dreaming – or is he? Destiny received an unexpected distress call, and seeks to answer, but to do that needs, not only Rush’s help, but to travel backwards in time.

Star Trek: Discovery:
Butterfly and Phoenix.
In the aftermath of the destruction of the Charon in the Mirror Universe, and Discovery’s return to the Prime Universe, some things are not at all as expected. Conflict rages in the Mirror Universe as various factions try to seize control, and one in particular tries to recruit a familiar face to spearhead their campaign. In the meantime, it seems, fate – or the universe – is playing games with the lives of Discovery’s crew and a ‘revenant’ wants someone to make good on their word, and will go to any length to get their own way. Weaving together, canon, non canon, and a lot of wishful thinking – and trying to make sense of the ideas in my head.

Once Upon A Time:
Thoughts On A Happy Ending Series
Belle reflects on everything – to whom the reflection is addressed remains unspoken. Each individual story focuses on a single episode of Once Upon A Time.

Darker Hearts Series
With Snow and Charming closing in on her before she can complete the casting of the Dark Curse, The Evil Queen begins to tie up loose ends, including the issue of the girl she has locked in her tower, but even that doesn’t go according to her desires, and to punish her former mentor, she places a geas on Belle. Meanwhile Rumple, stripped of his powers by the cell he inhabits shares a dream with Belle – a warning of sorts. Tiger Lily – with Blue’s “help” tries to fulfill her duties as fairy godmother. From the premise of, ‘What if the Bone’s WishRumple finds are not all Belle’s.’ (And therefore is Alternate-Alternate Universe).

Tolkien/Middle Earth:
Laer O Faen
A near fatal encounter with the Serpents of the North leaves Greenwood the Great’s queen with but one choice, one that cost her own life, but she makes a promise to her beloved King, born of a love that has already lasted through more than an age of Middle Earth, and remains the only hope to warm a heart fallen behind a wall of despair. (Mingled Movie/book canon, the span of the entire story takes in events from the 1st – 4th Ages of Middle Earth.)

There are also a couple of Halt and Catch Fire fics that I haven’t yet finished, but I can’t find my notes for them just yet, so have to remember where I was going.  It’s a while ago since I last wrote for them.  All of my fanfiction can be found here, my preferred “platform.”  I’ll tell you a story some time about that ‘other’ place.


So, as I said, I was kind of combining yesterday’s scheduled post with today’s, in part because yesterday was nuts (there was a sub in the class, and as the ‘resident’ TA, there was a lot of ‘hand-holding’ to be done). And partly because I’d like to share some of the Stories or writers that I’ve found interesting or inspiring, or that I have just plain enjoyed.  I might do that periodically.  I used to have a personal rule or ‘inability’ to read while I was writing, or at least to read the same fandom, but as I’ve gotten older, that’s not the case any more.  So I’m going to understand what – or rather who I’ve been reading in the Once Upon A Time fandom.

That person is Emospritelet. (Works can be found here). I have particularly enjoyed her story entitled, Neverland – please note, it is for adult readers only.  Emospritelet writes stories mostly set in an alternate universe, where Belle and Rumple are not necessarily the characters as portrayed on the TV show.  It’s odd, because I usually dislike those kinds of stories, but she (I am assuming) has somewhat converted me.  She writes well, with emotion, and a degree of realism, and manages to include some ‘canon’ moments in an AU.

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