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Combining Thirsty Thursday and Fiction Friday.

As I promised last Friday, this week I’ll give a brief rundown of the current Fanfiction works in progress, and there are a few of them. Stargate: Universe: Given No Choice. Rush is dreaming – or is he? Destiny received … Continue reading

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Work On Wednesdays: Driftwood Press

Today’s Work On Wednesday post comes courtesy of a tweet by Submittable. Driftwood Press are currently accepting a number of submissions.  They are looking for Novellas, Shorter fiction, poetry, craft essays and interviews, and graphic novels and comic collections. All … Continue reading

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Talk About, Tuesday: What Shall We Discuss?

I have a strange feeling of Deja Vu. One of the things I suggested we could do on Tuesdays was an ‘Ask Me Anything’ kind of thing, but that’s hard to do unless there are folks willing to ask question.  … Continue reading

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MBS Monday: How Can You Take Care of Others…

…if you cannot or do not take care of yourself? Since Mondays are all about MBS – that is Mind, Body and Spirit – I thought a good place to start would be something that encompasses all three: self care. … Continue reading

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Fiction Friday: Recap Part 1

For those of you that may started following my blog most recently.  I thought it would be a good idea to begin with a “Previously on…” kind of post that you’ll often see at the beginning of your favorite TV … Continue reading

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First Thirsty Thursday

It seems sensible to go back to the very beginning when considering what kindled the ‘thirst’ in me, for spirit, for life; what started me on my current creative journey, especially in respect of Butterfly Raven. At the age of … Continue reading

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Beneath Strange Stars

TL;DR press is calling for submissions for the upcoming publication Beneath Strange Stars. It will be an anthology of science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction published for charity.  They will be announcing their charity at a later date. Submissions are open … Continue reading

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New “Season” New Schedule.

Labor Day has come and gone, and with it, the ending of my ‘summer hiatus.’ I hadn’t ever really planned to take one, but the way things were, one event after another, more balls in the air than I could really juggle, … Continue reading

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