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Raven Day: Psychically Aware or Mentally Ill?

How do you present a character who is extremely psychically aware without seemingly touching upon mental illness, when one of her challenges separate to that, is struggling mental health? This is the question faced in writing Ethne. In preparation for … Continue reading

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A Too Slow “Awakening”

Though life sometimes begins in the head, the full body of joy cannot be known there. It is the same with how we dream, or love ourselves, or struggle with our belief… Kept swimming in the head, life flickers, never … Continue reading

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The Gray Areas

The man that stepped from the Rift was tall, and dark, and not at all handsome. His face was scarred on the one side, and the story was that one of his former patients had covered him with gasoline and … Continue reading

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Longest Week In History

I can’t believe it’s not Friday yet.  It feels like it should have been Friday days ago. It’s been so insanely busy that I don’t feel like I’ve had a moment to think, so thank goodness that breathing is an autonomic … Continue reading

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A Return: Random Writers’ Question

Hey guys, so… been away for a few days, for reasons that I mentioned in a post last Friday, and also because life has been super busy, and balancing the two things has been pretty much an impossibility.  So, apologies… … Continue reading

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How To Wreck a Space Ship

It’s Friday!  And as well as meaning it’s the end of the regular working week, it also means it is time for the update on how Use’Ara: Harm is going.  Maybe you can guess from the title that the latest … Continue reading

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First of Two: What’s Going On With Me…

Hey guys! First of all, thanks for sticking with me and being patient. I had a bunch of posts saved in draft, but, I didn’t like them, so I did something that just about every writer and writing tutor tells … Continue reading

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