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Presenting The Unseen World

How do you present a main premise that dwells within the realms of an alternative spirituality in an environment where many, if not most, do not share it? Ethne Cross is pagan, and is psychic – one could describe her … Continue reading

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Sanctuary In A Storm Of Crazy

My week has been a tiny bit insane, with a great deal of dis-ease thrown in for good measure. Case in point, the fact that this blog post is coming out today, and not yesterday. Apologies for that – we … Continue reading

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Goals and Character Curve Balls

When character’s throw you a curve ball, you can either fight them or go with it to see where they lead. Embrace the journey! Continue reading

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Pilgrimage To Life

A 100 Word, flash fiction, inspired by the T-shirt I wore yesterday. Continue reading

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Not To Abandon Fan Works In Progress

Fabulous comments, Stargate: Universe and Once Upon A Time. Continue reading

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Taking ‘First World’ Life For Granted

So what do you do when you suddenly find yourself without water in your home? Continue reading

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Questions For Raven

It occurs to me that I have not spoken, for a while at least, about Butterfly Raven. The other project I have running along-side Harm. I haven’t forgotten about it, and I’m not ignoring it.  Ethne and Zak, and of … Continue reading

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