Meet E’fframe and Kolya

As promised, here is the first in a series of weekly blog posts exploring the characters of Use’Ara’s Harm and the outlining process of the novel.  Again I must give credit and thanks where such is due and thank my spouse, who pointed me in the right direction for an app that could help me to consolidate my thoughts in a succinct way.  The app is Character Story Planner, by Ifantasia – for those who are interested.  I use Android, so I’m not sure if it is available for iOS.

The two characters I introduce to you today are the sort of… core around which the rest of the novel and ensemble cast (if I can put it that way) hang.  One is Aran (From Use’Ara) the other is… well, complicated – essentially he is Raeo, although he’s not, or you could say that he is essentially Human, although he’s not.

E’fframe Mahabone

E’fframe is a native of Use’Ara (Prime). She would be approximately 32-34 Earth years in age, adjusted for the slight difference between time on Earth and Use’Ara. She is female.  She was born into the Hih’baran Clan, whose genetic strength is hunting/empathy, and whose skills make them skilled defenders and warriors. E’fframe is no exception, though she has an essentially peaceful soul and laments violent actions – a spiritual healer at heart. Her father was an Elderman among their people and she is looked up to by the remaining members of her clan who remained together after the Scattering: an unofficial and much beloved leader.  She is short, agile and feisty – unafraid to speak her mind or offer her opinion. Unlike the most of the rest of her clan, who though highly empathic possess no other extra-sensory abilities, E’fframe is able to hear and feel ‘between dimensions’ though she tries to keep this ability hidden due to its apparent shameful connotations. The humans of the colony expedition mistakenly equate this ability with telepathy.  Due to a time dilation event that occurs when the expedition first crash landed, she meets, (and heals) Kolya before becoming involved with his companions from Earth – and there begin the problems.

Nikolai Rhostov (Nicknames Kolya, Sys, Nik, Ka’iel)

Kolya is a native of Earth. He is 37 years old, and male. He is of Russian descent. At the inception of the Intergalactic Colonization Program he was selected to receive the genetic manipulation necessary to make it possible for him to interface with the Colony Ship’s Computer System, not knowing at that time the extra-terrestrial nature of the modification. He has a sharp, intelligent mind, enjoys researching many subjects and as the BiSI  (Bio-Synthetic Interface) for ZHACC 193-II is responsible for the lives of the entire expedition complement – no pressure. He has a dry sense of humor, tending, in fact, toward being somewhat dark.  He often keeps his own counsel, and is therefore considered a bit of a loner, even by those few who consider him a close friend. Before leaving Earth, as the Treatment was almost complete, Kolya began to experience some strange/unsettling symptoms which he does not report, thinking them to be merely figments of his imagination. When the disaster occurs that causes ZHACC to crash land on Use’Ara, due to a time dilation event, Kolya is thrown back in time and meets E’fframe, before being reunited with his people – but by then… it is too late to stop what has already begun.


Language on Use’Ara: Just a small point about the use of the apostrophe in names/words on Use’ara, to aid in pronunciation. The apostrophe indicates that the sound immediately prior should be ‘muted’ while saying the word/name. So in E’fframe, it is almost as though her name begins with F.


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Writer and Teacher. Published works: Eternal Dance (as Linden S Barclay) and articles for Wigston Magna Dog Training Club, and SFX Magazine.
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