Use’Ara Series: Thirteen Stars

What if being human isn’t as immutable as science believes? What if where you are truly defines who you are, and what you might become – literally?

Several years ago the concepts and ideas that went into creating this full length project started streaming into being and as an avid and somewhat pedantic former role player, the quest began to create the world and the peoples of Use’Ara.

It’s been an exciting, time consuming and at times mind-boggling journey. New languages and number systems, new thought processes and alien concepts all flowing like some kind of flooded river through waking and sleeping, but Eirian is now very pleased to be able to take the next steps in the process of bringing Use’Ara to life.

In the most recent months, Use’Ara has gone through many changes, evolved in character and setting, and many new episodes, dangers and plot twists have emerged to challenge both heroes and villains alike.

It is the not too distant future, and mankind has made many unexplained leaps in science and technology, advances that allow us to travel out into the stars and colonize planets in our own, and soon to be other star systems. How did this happen, and what could possibly go wrong – when it has all been plain sailing so far…?

Colonel Jen Cohen and her team of colonists, and their military support, under the leadership of Colonel Lin Derby, are soon to find out when their colony transportation ship ZHACC 193-II inexplicably runs into trouble, and they crash on a planet other than their intended destination.

Who – or what – is responsible, and what price must they, and the indigenous people of their new home world, pay for their continued survival?

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